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Email Marketing To Boost Engagement

Email marketing for healthcare is about driving patient engagement.  Apart from your healthcare website, email is the only other digital marketing asset you can fully own, in the sense that the contacts on your list are truly yours.  When patients sign-up to subscribe to your newsletter, they are literally asking you to send them an email. How often does that happen!? Email marketing, so long as it’s HIPAA-compliant, still remains one of the most effective marketing channels for patient retention, yet far too few healthcare professionals are using it to inspire loyalty. 

Beyond patient engagement, properly using email marketing to connect with referral sources about updates to your practice, new providers, new service lines, and follow-up thank yous can drive increased loyalty.  This is done by keeping you ‘top-of-mind’ so as to prevent your referral sources from switching to your competitors, who are constantly vying for their business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Email Marketing For Healthcare.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Automating outbound email marketing helps get the right information to the right patients and referral sources at the right time.

There are several email marketing communications that can be automated.  The first and most obvious email sequence automation would be setting up a “Welcome Series.”

Your contacts are the most engaged when they are new to your practice, so take advantage of the novelty appeal and send them a short series of welcome emails.

This first welcome email should be concise, welcoming your new subscriber to your practice, answering basic FAQs, and sharing key introductory information: 

  • What to expect on their first visit 
  • Steps involved for EMR and patient portal sign-up
  • What to expect regarding future communication and visits


The second welcome series email should reveal how patients can connect with you by inviting them to connect with you on your social media channels, through secure EMR portal messages, or via secure SMS.

When patients interact with you on social media, it keeps your practice top of mind.  Furthermore, these interactions begin reaching their social connections, who may then decide that you’re the right provider for them too!

Upon establishing communication with your patients via a welcome series, it’s vital to maintain communication for top-of-mind presence and loyalty development. A monthly email blast is a reasonable minimum.

Share relevant topics for your segmented patient audience, especially educational topics in a series, industry innovations and breakthroughs, or even your own practice’s latest updates that may be of benefit to them.  

For example, if you’re an OBGYN, you can set up a series for pregnancy health and newborn care. Surgeon? Setup an automated pre or post-surgery series on preparation for surgery, what to expect at the hospital, and aftercare and recovery steps. Physical therapist? You can craft a number of tailored series for topics such as stretching, injury recovery, and exercise as preventative approach to care.

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