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Why Do I Need So Many Marketing Systems & Tools Setup?

Setting Up Your Practice Marketing For Success

In our “digital-first” era, the number of marketing tools, systems, dashboards, platforms, apps, and widgets that need to be setup properly and integrated cohesively can be dizzying! In fact, it’s a perpetual challenge for even the most experienced digital marketers!  The advent of AI marketing tools has made the race to setup marketing systems even that much more flabbergasting.  By working with Curato, you don’t need a separate team to purchase and/or setup your marketing tools, we take care of all of it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Marketing Systems Setup & Integration.

Depending on the strategic plan for your practices growth and the services that are entailed therein, Curato Health will do all the setups and integrations required on the frontend.  Typically, a portion of Month 1 is spent setting up your marketing infrastructure the right way for imminent campaigns. 

Aside from the experience and expertise, Curato Health ensures that all your systems are setup the right way from the beginning so future campaigns run seamlessly.  Unlike other agencies, we purchases all the tools and systems needed so you don’t have to figure out what to do or where to go.

In addition to our strategic and technical expertise in building you a world-class, compliant, conversion-driving marketing systems, we pride ourselves on absolutely minimizing the amount of precious revenue-generating time providers have to waste on getting their marketing infrastructure setup.  In fact, after the first few days, you can expect to be completely hands-off!

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