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Transparent Analytics To Power Strategic Growth

Understanding how well your marketing campaigns are running in real-time is critical to knowing what kind of ROI you are obtaining from each marketing channel.  This knowledge helps us all come together to discuss and iterate future directions for each marketing campaign in a strategic manner.  Data-driven marketing is the seed for successful practice growth.

Instead of crawling through Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, SEMRush, AHREFs, and a multitude of other dashboards, we help you visualize all the data you need for your SEO and online ad campaigns in one simple glance.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about our Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboard.

The power of data in real-time allows practice owners to makes sense of trends and trajectories for all of their marketing endeavors.  Say a Google Ad Campaign is yielding an ROI of 5x, it may make sense for the practice owner to increase their ad spend budget so that every additional dollar they put in yields five dollars out.

Because you’ll have total transparency to all the data, you’ll know how effective of a job we are doing for you.  You’ll also know what channels and campaigns are helping you the most, and which ones are not yielding as much fruit.  The allows for all of us to collectively strategize, iterate, and proceed with effectiveness and efficiency.

We know.  This is why we take the pain to integrate all your Digital Ads and SEO information into one single, easy-to-use dashboard!  The alternative is a minimum of 5 platforms to login to and compare so to capture the same type of data!

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