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Why Do I Need To Professionally Manage and Maintain a Healthcare Practice Website?

Healthcare Practice Website Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes medical practices make with their digital footprint is mistakenly believing that once a website is created, it no longer requires professional maintenance.  This line of reasoning is akin to saying that once a patient purchases a first-aid kit, they no longer need a physician!  Analogies aside, conceptually, this, of course, is obviously false from a design perspective because practices are continuously changing:  different providers, different staff, practice updates, practice closure announcements, new service offerings, new list of accepted insurances, additional patient resources, new locations, new social media updates, etc. 

There’s a far more important reason for investing in professional website maintenance… vastly more critical than the frontend design updates is the essential professional management of the backend hosting, security, and performance metrics of your website.  Learn more about what backend website maintenance and management entails below.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Secure Web Hosting and Maintenance.

Failing to continuously maintain the backend of your website can result in a host of burdensome, costly, and patient-losing difficulties.  For example: 

  1. Unsecured hosting can disable the searchability of your website on Google so patients are either unable to find you, or are promoted to find your competitors before you. 
  2. Unaddressed security breaches to your website can result in:
    • potential new patients being redirected to foreign, spam, and scam sites instead,
    • your website serving as a malicious malware vector infecting website visitor devices without any indication to you, and far more dangerously,
    • your website serving as a gateway to breaches of HIPAA-sensitive patient information.
  3.  Your website’s theme infrastructure, CMS, plugins, etc. require continuous updates in order for your website to perform smoothly without loading delays and broken features.  

Many physicians (who are often struggling to keep their medical practices afloat due to the administrative and financial burdens the system imposes on them) decide that once their professional medical practice website is built, they can forego professional website maintenance just to save a marginal monthly fee.  What they fail to see is the monumental backend cost of such a short-sighted business decision:  to save a some hundreds of dollars a year, they often lose out on tens of thousands of dollars on lost new patient revenue per month due to unmanaged website backend infrastructure! When furthermore weighing in the peace of mind that comes with having professionals maintain your website, subscribing to website maintenance services is not only a no-brainer, but is the only sound business decision medical practice partners and owners can make.

You may choose to keep your domain with your current domain registrar.  However, we will redirect your hosting to one of our host server, as we have a massive advantage over regular host services since we host your site on a robust, extremely high-performance host with many security and performance compliance requirements and benefits.

Your practice will reap a multitude of benefits when having us maintain your website on our hosting service, far beyond the common and popular host services in performance and security.  We are constantly updating our backend and you’ll enjoy the following: 

  • Harness a robust, premium Siteground hosting infrastructure with top-tier performance metrics powered via Curato Health:
    • Google Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
    • Multi-Layered Security with Phishing-Resistant Security Keys
    • 6 Datacenter redundancy locations
    • 194 Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CND) redundancy locations
    • Dynamic Cache SuperCacher (50% to 500% faster than other hosts)
    • 99.9% uptime; 652ms median loading time
      • Compare to other major competitors:
        • Bluehost – 99.3% uptime; 1,270ms median loading time
        • GoDaddy – 99.6% uptime; 842ms median loading time
  • Ensure multi-layered security management and implementation:
    • Smart Web Application Firewall (WAF) to add security patches on CMS & plugins
    • AI Anti-bot (AI system blocks malicious traffic)
    • Secure Server Health Check (real-time server security check every 0.5 seconds)
    • Automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL Security (Google is penalizing websites without SSL)
    • WordPress (WP) SG Optimizer Plugin drives HTTPS, Supercacher & PHP updates
  • Obtain enhanced functionality to further secure and streamline your site management:
    • Regular Backup and Restore
    • Free WP Migration harnessing SG WP Migrator Plugin
    • Staging WP Tool (for keeping your website live while you dynamically develop, test, update your website, and push it live once ready, while maintaining backups prior to undergoing major/risky edits).
    • Standard and Ultrafast PHP options

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