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Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Connect With More Patients Via Social Media Marketing

In our ‘digital-first’ era, where the average person consumes 2.5 hours of social media each day, marketing via social media channels has become a critical element of medical practice growth and patient engagement.  However, managing social media channels optimally with regular posting, developing, and scheduling can be a very tedious task for already-overwhelmed and administratively burdened medical practices.  At Curato Health, we professionally craft patient-centered posts optimized for your medical practice’s social channels so that you gain new streams of engagement with your existing patient base for maximized patient retention.

In addition to regularly scheduled graphic posting, we’ll optimize your healthcare organization’s social media pages themselves by implementing best practices specifically structured for each social channel.  On this page, we’ll focus on discussing organic social media marketing solutions (paid social solutions are discussed under our Online Advertising page).

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Social media marketing helps:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Streamline communication with target patients groups
  • Raise brand awareness among target patients
  • Create a positive brand identity in the community
  • Drive conversions for actual new patients


The larger (quantitative) and more engaged (qualitative) your target audience is across your medical practice’s social media channels, the more likely you are to succeed at gaining tangible marketing results.

There are three core benefits for your healthcare organization with regard to social pages optimization:

  1. Boost your content’s overall visibility and reach so to drive increased engagement, including likes, clicks, shares, and general traffic. 
  2. Provide a clear mechanism by which to assess your marketing activities via social media.  
  3. Establish a strategic methodology for content creation that structured for maximizing brand awareness.
Facebook and Instagram are popular platforms to precisely target your patient audience and similar demographics in your community.  Google My Business is a critical platform to optimize and post on so to drive SEO value to your website, get found in the “3-pack” search field above organic search results, and establish your location on Google Maps for easy patient accessibility. Secondarily, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used as tools for attracting novel business development opportunities and connecting with other organizations.
  • Begin with content planning by executing keyword research, competitive research, and target patient audience research.
  • Offer valuable content to your target patient audience that is posted consistently and regularly via such assets as how-to guides, educational information, and infographics.
  • Portray a consistent brand image across all social media platforms, and convey language that follows how you wish to portray yourself:  a trusted professional cardiac surgeon? An educational infectious diseases pundit?  A technologically cutting-edge neurosurgeon? A fun-loving pediatrician?  Establishing a brand identity is critical to resonate with the target patients you wish to attract.
  • Promote your own original content such as blogs to gain followers.
  • Share curated content that is not your own but that you know your target patients would appreciate.
  • Track competitors to ascertain what types of posts they are creating and promoting to gain success with your target patients.
  • Measure success with analytics by attaching tracking tags to see what drives web traffic using Google Analytics.  Also use the social media platform’s own analytics tools to determine what types of posts are getting the most attention and what are less successful.  Iterate your strategy based on concrete analytical data.

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